Bulletproof Protective Clothing

Bulletproof Protective Clothing

Bulletproof protective clothing 1.I ntroduction to products The main organ of the human body is not injured by gunshot wounds and puncture, which is the functional clothing for protecting the important organs of the protected area. Main technical characteristics 2.1 coat style is sling type; The...

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Bulletproof protective clothing

1.Introduction to products

The main organ of the human body is not injured by gunshot wounds and puncture, which is the functional clothing for protecting the important organs of the protected area.

Main technical characteristics

2.1  coat style is sling type;

The bulletproof layer of fdc-2-zt02 bulletproof protective clothing is adopted by the company's industrial production of PE soft UD material ZT160, which adopts the special structure of PE soft anti-stinger material used by the company through special process production.

2.3  the protective layer can cover the main internal organs of the human body, the effective protection area is greater than 0.3 square meters, and the weight is less than 3.5 kg. The protective cover is waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-ultraviolet treatment, suitable for use in various climates.

2.4  the bulletproof puncture-proof suit bullet-proof performance "GA141-2010" standard regulation of level 3, puncture-proof performance meets the demand of "GA68-2008 standard, namely in 24 J + / - 0.5 J kinetic energy, according to the Angle of 0 ° and 45 ° Pierce effective Pierce, blade not penetrate bulletproof extra clothing;

2.5  the materials selected for the bulletproof protective clothing are non-toxic and harmless to the human body;

2.6  the bulletproof puncture-proof under ambient temperature - 20 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃ condition accord with the requirement of 2.4.

military vest.jpg

police vest.jpg

shellproof vest.jpg

Steel plate inside vest

steel plate(001).jpg

3. Instructions

3.1 adjust the height of the shoulder belt when wearing, so that the lower edge of the vest is placed in the waistband, and the belt tightening belt will connect the nylon clasp to the body, making the bulletproof protective clothing against the human body.

3.2 all bulletproof and puncture clothing after being shot or stabbed shall not be reused;

3.3 the cleaning of bulletproof protective clothing

3.3.1 before washing, the bulletproof puncture layer should be withdrawn from the front and back part of the coat;

3.3.2 the nylon buckle should be fully connected when washing;

3.3.3 hand washing and machine washing;

3.3.4 the coat can be dried or dripped dry after washing; The coat must be completely dry before loading the bullet-proof shell;

3.3.5 the protective layer must be loaded into the coat according to the "yingying ying" sign.

3.4 bulletproof anti-puncture layer chip

3.4.1 bulletproof anti-puncture chips shall be sealed by a protective sleeve and shall not be disassembled so as not to damage the sealing property of the protective casing or to install the wrong protective layer to affect the protective effect.

3.4.2 wipe off waterproof layer with wet cloth;

3.4.3 the protective sheath shall not be exposed;

3.4.4 prevent sharp puncture and scratches;

3.4.5 the protective layer is strictly prohibited.

4. Storage conditions

4.1 bulletproof protective clothing should be stored in a warehouse with dry, clean and clean air.

4.2 bulletproof and puncture clothing should be kept flat and above 250mm above the ground, and shall not be stored with corrosive substances;

4.3 the effective use period is five years under normal operating conditions.


5.Company rules
(1) Fabric/Color/Size can be customed beased on your request.

(2) MOQ : 100PCS/Design.

(3) Payment terms : T/T(50% deposit,50% balance before ship out).

(4) Delivery time : Depending on the design & order quantity.

(5) Shipping :DHL,UPS,Fedex,by Air,by sea.

This is our warehouse:


Here is our working room:


This is the exhibitions we attend in South Afria at 2017.




Delievery& shipping mode

Any mode you’d like to use as following;



6. FAQ

1. Are you a factory or trading company?

We are a professional manufacturer of premium uniform clothing. With 14 years of manufacturing experience in the garment clothing lines, we are able to supply you with finest OEM and ODM serice.

2. What’s your minimum order quantity?

Our MOQ is 300pcs per design to start with mix 3 colors and sizes.

3. Can I put my design logo on the items?

Sure,We offer customized service , we can custom your own like style items & print your own logo on the items, you may please advise your logo in advance.

4. Can I get a sample before bulk order & what’s your sample policy?

Yes,we are happy to make samples for your testing before you place large order. For this is our first cooperation with each other, we will charge 50usd for easy style sample fee and 100usd for complex style sample fee. But the sample fee just a symbol, we will return the sample fee to you upon your order is confirmed.

We can make the pre-production sample in free for you approval production upon you placed the order

5. What’s the production lead time?

It's about 20-35 days after all details are confirmed.Also as per your order quantity.

6. What’s your payment terms?

We accept by paypal for sample, T/T trade assuance, Western Union, Moneygram as payment terms for bulk.

Our Services

1.  Benefit from Our Services.

1.1 OEM or ODM service are available upon customer’s option.

1.2 Good quality and workmanship, most of important, very competitive price available .

1.3 Timely responses to your inquiries.

1.4 Understand and support each customer's requirement.

1.5 In-house testing and SGS/ITS testing carried out.

1.6 Sample lead time taking only 5 to 7 days.

1.7 Capable to supply products in series in different types including accessories.

1.8 We have confidence to enhance the customers' brand image.

1.9 We are more than 14 years rich experienced at working uniform field.

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