T Shirt

This 100% T Shirt is ultra-soft, pre-shrinked and maintains a good shape. It has a simple way of cleaning. It can be machine washed, so you can wash it thoroughly in cold water and then hang it dry. Its deodorant technology prevents the growth of microorganisms that cause odors, so it keeps your clothes tidy for a certain period of time. It is natural, easy to wear and absorbs moisture and breath.
It does not cause an allergic reaction to the skin. It satisfies the psychological requirements of people returning to nature and advocating nature. The design of this T Shirt is very simple and classic, so it can be used as a good match to let people freely play their inspiration. We are one of the best manufacturer and supplier of custom T Shirt in China. Goldjade has good reputation for its quality products and excellentd service. Welcome to buy our T Shirt from our factory.