What Is Textile Flexible Composite Material

- Oct 13, 2017 -

  The first press conference of the first China haining textile flexible composite materials expo was held at Shanghai hongqiao national convention and exhibition center on October 11. Vice President of China textile industry association, China's industrial textiles industry association Li Lingshen, industrial textiles industry association, vice President of China gui-mei li, haining wen-hua Yang, vice mayor of the people's government, haining maqiao street party secretary, director of the zhejiang haining warp knitting industrial park management committee guo-feng wei and other relevant leaders and guests attended the conference. The first China · haining textile flexible composite material expo will be held in haining, zhejiang province from November 8 to 10, with the theme of "China warp knitting, sail haining".

   Li lingshen has confirmed the rapid development of the warp knitting industry in recent years and has been placed in the China haining textile flexible composite material exposition. Haining warp knitting, he says, is a beautiful card of China's textile industry, after over 30 years of development, not only make outstanding achievements in the field of textile and garment, at the same time for warp knitting industry made great contributions to the development of China. In the process of industrial development, haining has actively promoted industry activities and continuously improved its competitive advantages in its transformation process. In the previous years, it has actively developed the exhibition with flexible composite materials, which will definitely lead and demonstrate the development of the whole industry.

  Worth, past warp knitting trade fair, are in zhejiang haining warp knitting industrial park of warp knitting headquarters set up in the square pavilion, while flexible textile composites expo this year on the major venues - haining convention and exhibition center, more complete supporting facilities, to provide better service for the exhibitors and visitors. At the same time, the fair also cooperated with the famous exhibition company Shanghai hyundai international exhibition co., LTD., which invited more than 2,000 buyers to the exhibition.

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