What Are The Characteristics Of The Raw Material Of Flame Retardant Oxford Fabric

- Nov 02, 2017 -

  After Oxford cloth is not flame retardant flame retardant finishing of Oxford cloth when in contact with fire will not burn, but to make Oxford cloth can minimize its flammability, the fire to slow the spread of formation of large area burn, and left after the fire, can quickly self-extinguishing, no longer burn or fire.
For the moment, flame retardant, Oxford cloth fabric raw material more is to use high temperature resistant fibers, high temperature resistant fibers generally can use for a long time, especially in the 250 ℃ -- 300 ℃ temperature range. And the structure is stable, the melting range is more than the decomposition temperature, the strength, the rigidity is larger, and has the characteristics of anti-oxidation and non-flammable. Yuqi textile tells you that the high temperature resistant fiber has the following characteristics:

   1. No change of size in high temperature
2. The softening point and melting point are high
3. Ignition point and ignition point height
4. High thermal decomposition temperature
5. Maintain general characteristics at high temperature
6. Prolonged exposure to high temperature can maintain general characteristics
7. The general properties that should be possessed by fiber products such as flexibility, flexibility and processing performance should be possessed.

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