The Meaning And Norms Of Clothing Tag And Durability Label

- Dec 26, 2018 -

Instructions for use (known as product identification) is a tool that conveys information about the performance, quality, and method of use of the product to consumers. The instructions for use of the clothing product have a tag attached to the garment and a durable product sewn on the garment product. Sexual label.

    The tag should pay attention to the unit and address of the producer or seller of the garment, because the unit and address are marked with the meaning of being responsible for the quality of the product. The consumer should keep the tag during the use of the garment as much as possible, such as at the time of purchase or The producer or seller shall be liable for damages caused by defects in product quality during use. Otherwise, there is no way for consumers to complain.

    Secondly, we should check the quality level of the product. The current general clothing product quality is divided into superior products, first-class products and qualified products. Check again that the marked product name and product status are included in the purchased product. Then look at the three durability labels sewn on the apparel product:

    First, whether the inspection type specification is clear and whether it is suitable for wearing the body shape of the human body, of course, it is best to try on. For silk garments, it is best to choose a lighter and thinner garment to prevent the seams from bursting or yarn slippage during use. For the choice of elastic products and corsets, it is necessary to simulate the wearing without prejudging.

    The second is to check whether the material composition description of the clothing fabric (fabric, lining, filling material, etc.) is clear and complete, because different material garments have different performances and different values, and are generally used as underwear materials for underwear or close-fitting clothing. It is best to use pure cotton or cotton blended materials. Pure cotton products are comfortable and breathable. It is not suitable to buy underwear products such as pure polyester.

    The third is to check whether the clothing has the information of washing methods, because this is the key to guide the use of good products, because the different styles and characteristics of the clothing in the use, washing, maintenance treatment is different, if properly handled, the clothing can be It maintains a beautiful appearance and is durable for a long period of time.

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