The Advantages Of Lycra Fabrics In Apparel

- May 18, 2017 -

1, extremely resilient and not deformed

Lycra can enhance the elasticity of fabrics, it can be used in conjunction with various fibers, whether natural or man-made fibers, will not change the appearance and texture of the fabric. such as wool + Lycra fabrics not only good elasticity, but also better fit, conformal, drape and washable, etc. Cotton + Lycra not only has the advantages of cotton fiber comfort, breathable, but also take into account the cotton does not have a good elasticity, not easily deformed characteristics, so that the fabric more intimate, fit, soft and comfortable. Lycra can add unique advantages to clothing: personal comfort, activities freely and long-term retention of the shape unchanged.

2, any fabric can use Lycra

Lycra can be used for cotton knitted fabrics, double-sided wool fabrics, silk poplin, nylon fabric and different cotton fabrics.

3. Comfort of Lycra

In recent years, the people who love fashion are depressed about the busy and competition of the city, they do not want the daily accompanying outfit to bring them bondage, while maintaining the proper dressing, need and comfortable unification. and lycra clothing, is a comfortable fitting, the characteristics of the movement freely, meet the contemporary society people's clothing needs.

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