Textile Thinking For New Ways Of Living

- Sep 30, 2017 -

What has fungi got to do with architecture? Or what if we could digitally change the colours or patterns of our clothes, instead of buying new ones? The ArcInTexETN project, funded by the EU, has reached its halfway stage and the PhD students are in the midst of processing their research questions.

3D printed shoes, fungi design and new methods of changing clothes

There are 15 young PhD students from all over the world enrolled in the ArcInTexETN project. Their backgrounds are from the fields of architecture, textiles, fashion or interaction design.

Angella Mackey from Canada has her placement at Philips Research Eindhoven in the Netherlands. She has spent the last eight months wearing green clothes. Every day. The reason why, is her research. She is investigating what would happen if we were able to digitally change the colours or patterns of our clothes, instead of buying new ones. "I use my green clothes as a "green screen" and then through a chroma-key smartphone application I alter the colours and the patterns on my clothes," explains Angella Mackey. "Then I post the photos on my Instagram in order to investigate my research."


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