Raincoats, Umbrellas And Rain Shoes Are Substantial

- Oct 11, 2017 -

  Recent positive growth in domestic consumer market has led to a small peak in many industries. The rainy weather in the south frequently brings sales to related industries, and the amount of raincoats, umbrellas and rain shoes can be substantial. At the end of the college entrance examination, all primary and middle schools are approaching the end of the term. Toys, eyeglasses, electronic appliances and other industries incubate summer student consumption peak. In the summer, the high temperature continues, the bedding, automobile supplies, daily necessities, and other industries have remained stable. The major events such as euro 2008 and the Olympic Games continue to bring a partial list to sports entertainment, office supplies and other industries.

  Unlike last week's price index, the weekly price index fell slightly from 104.01 in the previous period to 103.96. The price index of the floor orders and the index of export transaction prices rose to varying degrees, while the direct trading price index of the floor was slightly lower, and the online transaction price index was unchanged from last week.
In the 15 broad categories of prices, 7 rose and 7 fell flat. Among them, seven categories, such as toy, hardware and materials, clothing and clothing, rose from the previous month to a maximum of 1.8 points. Seven categories, such as commodities, electronic appliances and sports and entertainment products, fell in different degrees, with a maximum of 2.47 points. The jewelry category was flat last week. In the 97 secondary categories, the increase was 33%, the decline was 32%, and the flat ratio was 35%.

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