Polar Fleece

- Sep 16, 2017 -

  Polar fleece is used in jackets, hats, sweaterssweatpants, cloth nappies, gym clothes, hoodies, blankets, and high-performance outdoor clothing. It can be made partially from recycled plastic bottles and is very light, soft, and easy to wash. Polar fleece can stretch one way but not as much the other.

Berners-Lee reckons the average greenhouse gas footprint of polar fleece in manufacturing carpets at 5.55 kg CO2 equivalent per kilo, when produced in Europe. This gives it almost the same carbon footprint as wool, but with greater durability.

Non-recycled fleece is made from non-renewable petroleum derivatives. Even if made of recycled materials, fleece relies on a continued production of non-renewablefossil fuels for the raw material.

When fleece goes through the laundry, it generates microplastics which become part of domestic waste water. Municipal waste water systems often discharge into rivers and oceans.6560115_blue.jpgPET does not biodegrade and suspended microplastics are easily ingested by marine life, thus entering the food chain.

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