Origin Of Shirt

- Nov 02, 2017 -

  China's rise
China's zhou dynasty has a shirt, called the middle coat, and then called the list. The han dynasty called melee unlined upper garment of toilet 牏. The song dynasty had already used the name of the shirt. Call it a Chinese shirt.
The shirt originally refers to the shirt that is used for the short sleeves of the dress, which is to remove the shirt of the sleeve. In the song dynasty, there were no cuffs, and there were short sweaters lining the inside, and long jackets on. For example, in the "water margin", Lin chong "shuddered the snow, and put the upper cover (upper coat) white cloth shirt off" is one example. In ancient times, women wore a jacket called "shirt" and "half clothes". Yuan zhen, an astronomer of the tang dynasty, wrote poems in the poems of "the book of memory".
At the beginning of the end of the qing dynasty, people began to wear suits and shirts in the suit, and as a shirt, the middle of the tie was usually five buttons.

  European history
In the 16th century BC, the 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt had a shirt. It was a tunic with no collar and sleeves. The shirts worn by the normans in the 14th century had collars and cuffs. In the 16th century Europe was dominated by collars and front - chest embroideres, or on necklines, cuffs, and chests. At the end of the 18th century, the British wore stiff collared shirts. In the Victorian era, collared shirts were eliminated, creating a modern lapel western shirt. In the 1840s, western-style shirts were introduced into China. Originally a male, the shirt was adopted by women in the 1950s and has become one of the most popular garments.


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