New Patterns Emerge In Fabric Tested Different Temperatures

- Sep 30, 2017 -

Tested different temperatures

Marjan Kooroshnia began her research on already existing descriptions of leuco dye-based thermochromic inks; below their activation temperature they are coloured, and above their activation temperature they are clear or have a light hue. In addition, they are usually blended with static pigments, allowing them to change from one colour to another.

"I wanted to explore the design properties and potentials of thermochromic inks when used on textiles, and to facilitate improved understanding and design of dynamic surface patterns in the context of textile design. I started each experiment by asking a series of 'what if…?' questions and testing them in practice. In total, I have done six series of experiments. What if multiple colours could be concealed or revealed at once?"

After a lot of testing in the printing lab, she managed to mix the inks so that they looked similar when they were in a non-heated state and they change to different colours as result of increasing temperature.

Then, she explored thermochromic inks with different activation temperatures in order to create a wide spectrum of colours that would appear at different temperatures. She used thermochromic inks with activation temperatures of 27, 37 and 47°C to create a dynamic pattern that colour changing effects that appear in sequence due to increasing temperature; for example, the pattern has one colour at 27°C, another colour at 37°C and another colour at 47°C.

"For each series of experiments, I designed a screen-printed pattern to show how a designer can use these colour mixtures in designing a dynamic surface pattern."


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