Nanotechnology Makes It All Possible

- Nov 02, 2017 -

   Nanotechnology makes everything possible, and one of them is an organosilicon nanostructured material developed by the institute of physics and chemistry at the university of Zurich.
Organic silicon as the basic materials of super water repellency of textile processing, into the container together with the other materials, to a certain humidity conditions of reaction, silicon nanostructures can form a strong and effective key in the material surface. An hour later, fiber surface formed composed of 10 ~ 15 nm nano filament with thick interlaced network structure, which are air, can prevent the liquid (such as water, acid, alkali or solvent), thus repellent effect, won't produce any negative effect on textile performance, the fabric can maintain moisture permeability and softness. Experiments have shown that this water repellent effect can be maintained for a year, even in the case of textile abrasion, which can only be weakened by strong alkaline detergents.

    The warp knitted elastic fabric can be used to produce waterproof sportswear or swimwear after water finishing. A swimsuit that is not wet can be both comfortable and healthy. This water-repellent textile can also reduce the friction coefficient in the water, which can be used to cover the hull of the ship and save fuel.
The structure of silicon nanostructures can also absorb other molecules, so there are more potential USES, including oil, oil and water treatment. It is believed that as the research deepens, it will develop more application fields for textiles, and more functional warp knitted fabrics will be born.

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