Inventory|2018 China's Textile And Apparel Industry Top Ten Dynamic Market(二)

- Dec 28, 2018 -

六. Liaoning Xiliu Clothing Market

Innovation: With the deep implementation of the “Belt and Road Initiative” and the province's accelerated construction of an open economic new structure, Liaoning Xiliu Garment Market has already established a more solid foundation and broader space for market integration trade to lead the integration of domestic and foreign trade. .

In recent years, Liaoning Haicheng has comprehensively promoted the transformation and upgrading of the Xiliu professional market and the high-quality development of the entire industrial chain in line with the idea of “compensating the front end, strengthening the middle end, and opening the end”. The first phase project of Liaoning Xiliu·Yiwu China Commodity City with an investment of 3.6 billion yuan and a construction area of 820,000 square meters will be completed and operated. The Dalian Customs (Xiliu) supervision area will be cleared, and the Xiliu Textile and Garment Industrial Park with an investment of 1 billion yuan will cover an area of 200,000 square meters. The Xiliu International Logistics Park has been accelerated, and the international logistics channel of the “China, Mongolia, Russia and Europe” east line of Haicheng Xiliu has been fully opened.

七. Brothel sweater market

Innovation: From last year's momentum, to this year's accumulation, from the Chinese brothel international wool knitwear fair to the "濮院杯" knitting designer contest, from the Chinese brothel fashion week to the sweater fashion town shopping festival, Along the way, the brothel's fashion activities are becoming more professional and influential.

In recent years, brothels have been focusing on fashion, speeding up the transformation and upgrading of the sweater industry, further expanding the product field, upgrading product grades, and achieving a gorgeous turn from single-season clothing to four seasons full-class fashion. The brothel has become the largest domestic industry. The sweater collection center and industrial base with the highest industrial concentration and the most complete industrial chain.

八. Wuhan Hanzheng Street Market

Innovation: Hanzheng Street, Wuhan, Hubei, this reform and opening test field and wind vane, with the location advantage of the nine provinces and the spirit of the Wuhan dock people in Hubei, became the "first street in the world." As a pioneer in the field of trade and commerce, Hanzheng Street is welcoming greater changes with a new look.

Wuhan Hanzheng Street Market has always been a sample market in the field of domestic trade circulation. In 1982, the People’s Daily used the editorial “The Experience of Hanzheng Street Small Commodity Market to Pay Attention” to affirm the sample value of Hanzheng Street in promoting the development of domestic trade circulation and invigorating the local economy. In the past ten years, Hanzheng Street has also undergone a new round of transformation and upgrading that matches the upgrading of urban functions. Today, this 1.67 square kilometers of hot land, more than 12,000 merchants, 54 wholesale markets, annual transaction volume of nearly 100 billion yuan, the formation of "design and development, production and processing, warehousing logistics outside the operation" The new model, the new Hanzheng Street is gradually taking shape.

九. China Oriental Silk Market

Innovation: The Oriental Silk Market relies on the vigorous development of Shengze Textile Industry. With its professional market positioning, mature operation mode and high-quality supporting services, it has formed a new industrial brand cluster effect, which is the Shengze Textile Industry Cluster. Development has injected great vitality.

十. China Textile City

Innovation: China Textile City aims to build a new era of "International Textile Capital", focusing on the integration of "city and market, industry and market, online and offline", and "industry + market" with "creative + entity" "Accelerate the transformation of new and old kinetic energy and the cultivation of high-end textile creative industries, and continue to promote market transformation and upgrading.

China Textile City is a gold business card for Zhejiang's reform and opening up, ranking first in the national textile professional market for 30 consecutive years. Focusing on the goal of building the "International Textile Capital" in the new era, Keqiao District will launch the China Textile City Transformation and Upgrading Action Plan (2018-2020) this year, and strive to build China Textile City into "open," through three years of hard work. Fashion, wisdom, high-end "modern new market.

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