Inventory|2018 China's Textile And Apparel Industry Top Ten Dynamic Market(一)

- Dec 28, 2018 -

一. Guangzhou White Horse Clothing Market

Innovation: In 2018, Guangzhou Baima clothing market seized the pulse of "new channels" and explored a road to laying a three-dimensional channel network. Its exploration direction and practical achievements will undoubtedly become the new round of transformation and upgrading of China's textile and apparel professional market.

二. Guangzhou Cotton Tree International Fashion City

Innovation: model innovators, brand incubators, fashion instructors, trading platforms, trend analysts, trend communication people in China's apparel professional market... Guangzhou Hongmian International Fashion City has multiple identities and has always maintained a leading position in the industry. .

In 2018, in order to further implement the national three-product strategy and supply-side reform, in the face of the domestic consumption upgrade and the recovery of the fashion industry, Guangzhou Hongmian International Fashion City innovated the spring and summer, autumn and winter two Guangzhou Cotton International Men's Week and the whole product order fair It has become one of the annual focus of the Chinese menswear industry.

三. Jimo International Trade City

Innovation: In 2018, the market under the jurisdiction of Jimo International Trade City is expected to complete a commercial transaction volume of 44 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4%. It was rated as "2018 Silk Road Jingwei Industry Influence List" by Textile and Apparel Weekly and China Textile Magazine. Innovative market", Jimo International Trade City Management Committee was named "National Advanced Market Management Committee" by China Market Association.

Jimo International Trade City is expected to complete a commercial transaction volume of RMB 44 billion in 2018. At the same time, Jimo International Trade City is also named as “China Textile and Garment Innovation Demonstration Base” by China National Textile and Apparel Council.

四. Jinan Jiaokou Clothing City

Innovation: Jinan Sakaguchi Garment City, as a regional benchmark, is at the forefront in improving the business environment. By improving services and optimizing the environment, shoppers have changed the traditional perception of the business environment and service soft environment of Sakaguchi Garment City.

Qikou Garment City has developed a strategy of misplaced operation of Haotian Clothing Mall, Trade Center, and Fashion Building. It focuses on high-end women's wear and some casual high-end men's wear, and creates "Jianou Fast Fashion Women's Base - Mango Street", and Quancheng Road. Waiting for a number of women's clothing stores in the business district to carry out a "combined vertical and horizontal", and reached strategic partnerships with many large clothing markets such as Guangzhou and Hangzhou, forming a station that integrates eating, living, traveling, traveling, purchasing and entertainment. Shopping complex; planning to open the mouth of the garment "silk city", to make up for the blank of the silk market in Shandong region, to achieve the wrong season sales of summer silk clothing and winter down clothing; to set up a "泺e purchase" network trading platform, borrowing 6000 The advantages of home business resources, the realization of online and offline integration, network marketing and physical management go hand in hand.

五. Jiangsu Changshu Clothing City

Innovation: In 2018, Changshu Garment City continued to build its own strengths, develop clothing and accessories for different markets, and actively build an international procurement and gathering platform for textiles and clothing for the “Belt and Road” market.

Relying on Jiangsu Changshu, the "China Textile Industry Base City" and "China's Famous Leisure Clothing City", Changshu Garment City continues to lead the national textile and apparel professional market. It is not only the largest clothing professional circulation market in China, but also an important part of the national cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zone.

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