How To Choose The Fabric Of Antistatic Clothing For Workshop

- Nov 02, 2017 -

  Speaking of anti-static clothing attention small make up a friend should be more understanding, anti-static clothing, dust-proof, anti-static is widely used in electronics factory, pharmaceutical factory, chemical plants and other special enterprises. An antistatic clothing whether quality mainly depends on the performance of antistatic clothing fabrics, speaking of antistatic fabrics a lot of people are not familiar with it, anti-static fabrics can also be called the antistatic fabric, antistatic fabric is not the same as ordinary fabric, it is formed by metal silk, and blended. What's so special about antistatic fabrics? How does antistatic fabric prevent electrostatic effect?

  1, adopts the special-purpose polyester filament, warp weft inserting weave conductive fiber, through special craft processing, not only has excellent anti-static function, can effectively prevent the fabric of fibers, as well as the fine dust particle leaking from a crack in the fabric, and is not influenced by the environment (high temperature), stable chemical properties (wash) resistance and other properties. Product specifications for the x 75 d, 68 d levels suitable for 10 to 100 of the clean room is widely used in microelectronics, optoelectronics, precision instruments, aerospace and so on of electrostatic sensitive and higher requirements for cleanliness.
Conductive silk, used for the main body, special polyester filament and high performance permanent conductive fiber made by special process, through the weaving or warp, the weft into the conductive fiber. With this kind of antistatic fabrics made by the special sewing craft clothing has excellent anti-static dustproof performance, with high efficiency, permanent anti-static, dust, and the characteristics of the soft, thin and smooth, clear weave, is used mainly for dust-proof clothing, anti-static overalls, corona discharge or leakage discharge effect, different specifications of antistatic fabrics adapted to the different scope of application: anti-static or clean environment used medical, pharmaceutical, food, precision instruments, aerospace and other of electrostatic sensitive and higher requirements for cleanliness of industry.

3. Anti-static all cotton fabrics: weave the conductive fiber (spacing 1.2cm) in the middle of the cotton fabric, and make it into the fabric with anti-static function.

4, short in polyester cotton fine count yarn fabric medium span weave conductive fiber (1.2 cm) spacing, through special processing, the fabric density is greater than the common fabric, has the function of anti-static, bums. This kind of fabric strong wear resistance, soft and comfortable, wet absorption, can be processed into a variety of high-grade anti-static cotton overalls, suitable for storage and transportation, chemical, gas, oil, coal, shipping, aerospace, military industry and other inflammable and explosive environment.
5. Make use of series conductive fibers and special polyester filament yarn by knitting. Anti-static knitted fabrics not only can eliminate electrostatic dust and not hair, also both ordinary characteristics of the knitting fabric breathable, warm and comfortable feel, is the new generation to meet the requirements of human health antistatic fabric.

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