How Do You Tell When Shopping Is A Cotton Fabric

- Nov 02, 2017 -

  Cotton cloth is the general name of all kinds of cotton textiles. It is used to make fashion, casual clothes, underwear and shirts. Its advantages are easy to keep warm, soft fitting, moisture absorption and air permeability. Compared with chemical fiber, it has good heat preservation, high moisture absorption, good softness and no electrostatic effect. However, because cotton, hemp fiber is weak, the anti-wrinkle is bad, the clothing is in wear and wash the process of simple wrinkling, not, give the consumer in ordinary clothes to take care of a lot of inconvenience. "Seafood" shirt material, produce with pure cotton yarn-dyed fabric for use with the company unique no-iron tidy up skills, make the goods both cotton properties, but also has the excellent wrinkle resistance, with materials such as hemp, bamboo, silver fiber blended, is a functional and practical, greatly satisfied with the modern fast-paced way of life.

  The fabric of chemical fiber is wear-resistant, wear-resistant, wrinkling and stiff, but it is not as comfortable as pure cotton fabric, and has the ability to attract red human skin. So the white people, the children's clothes, especially the underwear, and the bedding should try to use pure cotton, the body health. Along with the progress of our living standards, we have made the natural fiber of cotton like green food more and more popular. Therefore, nowadays, the price of pure cotton fabrics is higher than that of synthetic fabrics, whether at home or abroad.
Attached: pure cotton and CVC knowledge:
Pure cotton: (seed fiber) is arguably the most widely used clothing fiber in the world.
It is taken from the fiber of cottonseed, which is picked and disposed, rolled cotton, combed cotton, spline, combed, worsted, spun yarn and spun cotton yarn into cotton cloth.

   1) strengths:
Hygroscopic strength - fiber is porous material, internal molecules are very unruly, and the molecules are rich in water-friendly layout.
Warmth - cotton fiber is a bad conductor of heat, and the inner cavity of cotton fibers is full of inactive air.
Wear comfortable - no static electricity, excellent air permeability, sensitive, simple cleaning.
2) defects:
Wrinkle -- cotton fiber is less elastic.
Large shrinkage - cotton fiber has a strong water absorption, when it absorbs moisture, it expands the cotton fiber and leads to the shortening of cotton yarn.
Scale before washing water - scale after washing
The calculation method: the shrinkage rate = x 100%
Prewash scale
Generally, the shrinkage of knitted clothing is + 5%
Mildew - in wet conditions, like bacteria or fungi, cotton fibers break down into their favorite nutrients - glucose, which makes the fabric moldy.

Cotton fiber such as long time and touch the sun, strength is reduced, fiber will hard brittle, in case of oxidant, bleach or oxidising dyes, also can make the fiber strength is reduced, fiber brittle and hard.
3) cleaning method:
Can be machine wash or hand wash, but because of the flexibility of the fiber is poor, the best light wash or do not use heavy hand wash when washing, avoid the change of clothes, influence measure.
Cotton fabrics are best washed in cold water to adhere to the original color.
In addition to white cotton fabrics, other colors are best not to use a bleach cleaner or detergent. Avoid the formation of decolorization, and do not pour laundry detergent directly onto the cotton fabric to avoid partial discoloration.
Separate a deep color shirt from a light color shirt.
4) dry clothes: after stripping, should be quick and flat to dry, to reduce wrinkles.
5) ironing: high temperature, high temperature to 200C o to iron.
Features: soft and tough, not strong, wet, breathable and comfortable. Good cleaning and dyeing.
Defect: fade, wrinkle easily, wash will shrink.

Brush and protect: anti-acid weak fruit can make cotton yellow and should be washed with wear. Please use a flume or neutral detergent to wash the brush. Do not use the fluorescent detergent powder. Cotton fabric is very susceptible to mold, so it is necessary to stick to boring before hiding. Do not use the dryer.

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