Hat Kinds Of Anti-static Oxford Fabric Have

- Nov 02, 2017 -

  Along with the development of the industry, many products to the production environment of the demand is higher and higher, many products need to avoid static electricity, and anti-static clothing with development of Oxford cloth fabric, rain qi textile bo widely in the field of Oxford cloth and specialization, the most distinctive and comprehensive and individual TianXiaZhe must belong to polyester jacquard Oxford cloth, with a whole variety, complex pattern, color bright, known as the "Oxford supermarket" reputation.
Anti-static ultra-clean Oxford fabric
Adopts the special-purpose polyester filament and warp weft inserting weave conductive fiber, through special craft processing, not only has excellent anti-static function, can effectively prevent the fabric of fibers, as well as the fine dust particle leaking from a crack in the fabric, and is not influenced by the environment (high temperature), stable chemical properties (wash) resistance and other properties.

Antistatic anti-dust Oxford fabric
In polyester short and fine yarn fabric, the medium spacing is woven into conductive fiber, which is finished by special process, and its fabric density is greater than ordinary fabric. It has the function of anti-static and anti-flammability. This kind of fabric is strong wear-resisting, soft and comfortable, soaking wet air, can be processed into all kinds of high-grade anti-static cotton work clothes.
Scope of application: storage, transportation, chemical, gas, oil, coal, sea, aerospace, military and other inflammable and explosive operating environment.

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