Fur Garment Maintenance Common Sense

- May 18, 2017 -

As a valuable fabric, fur products in the maintenance will have more rules to comply with the need you, basically do the following 8 points can make your fur "Yishou Yannian":

1. The enemy of fur is sunlight and humidity. Therefore, when placing fur, avoid direct sunlight and sultry humid places.

2. Apply the coat hanger with shoulder mat to hang the fur, do not use the wire hanger, lest the skin grass breakage or distortion.

3. When storing fur, make sure the air permeability is high, not to use plastic bags, when necessary, can be used with wide cloth pockets with fur, dust.

4. When wearing fur, try not to perfume water or hair gel, because the chemicals of these products contain alcoholic ingredients, will make the fur dry.

5. If you are accidentally wet the fur, do not try to blow dry with a hairdryer. Just hang the wet fur in the dry place, let it dry naturally.

6. A fur garment must be cleaned by the fur specialist annually, and dust and stains will be removed during the cleansing process.

7. When traveling, please put the fur on the cloth cover. Do not use plastic or rubber cords in pockets because this texture will prevent air circulation and fur breathing.

8. Do not comb or brush the fur of the fur needle.

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