Export Prospects For Garment Textile Industry In Ghana, West Africa

- Oct 19, 2017 -

Ghana garment textile productivity is weak, relying mainly on import.
 Ghana was known as the "portal" west Africa, political stability, sustained economic development, for the good investment environment in west Africa region and to attract investment
The ghanaian government has released the free zone act, the ghanaian investment law and so on. In Ghana, large-scale textile enterprises currently have five textile factories
Ghana's textile imports are mainly dependent on imports, and Ghana's demand for textiles is increasing as Ghana's living standards rise
. The clothes in Ghana are mainly summer clothes, and colorful clothes are especially attractive to African people. For example, there is a production lady
The company is mainly engaged in the export business of Ghana.

According to the ministry of trade and industry of Ghana, Chinese exports to Ghana are still mainly based on light industrial and textile products, among which the textile industry is spinning in Ghana
Apparel is increasingly important, with data showing that about 34 per cent of the textiles in the Ghana market come from China. In the Ghana buyer
A survey has shown that China wants to purchase textiles directly from Ghana, which will reduce procurement links, reduce construction costs and increase costs
Add a profit margin.

The government attaches great importance to the development of the garment textile industry in Ghana
 the ghanaian government attaches great importance to the development of textile and garment industry, in order to make full use of AGOA, attract foreign enterprises invest in Ghana
The preferential policies of tariff reduction, income tax deduction and other aspects are also introduced. In the textile industry, the ghanaian government budget for 2002
The import tariff on textile materials was reduced to 5%. To set up a training center for textile technicians to improve the technical level of employees; Set up $100 million
The "modern revolving fund" is used to help the recovery and renewal of machinery and equipment in textile mills, to build a new spinning mill and to improve the weaving capacity of factories. Set up
Research and development center, research and development of new production varieties, expand the scope of production.

For the garment industry, the government of Ghana specially established the office of special operations of the President (PSI), responsible for the investment promotion, promotion, export and people of the garment industry
Staff training, etc.
 home textile categories: home textile products, bedding, blankets, carpets, towels, curtains, etc
 leather products, leather products, bags, backpacks, rod bags, handbags, wallets, etc
 clothing and fabric types: men and women clothing, sports leisure clothing, children's wear, underwear, swimwear, labor insurance clothing, textile processing, clothing accessories (tie
, scarves, brooch, etc., various fabrics, cotton and linen fabrics, knitwear, textile products, fur products, etc
 textiles and accessories: zipper, buttons, lining cloth, accessories, etc
 all kinds of shoes, men's and women's leather shoes, fashion shoes, children's shoes, slippers.

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