Donghua University And The Textile Industry In Jinjiang To Carry Out Relevant Cooperation

- Jul 25, 2017 -

2-4, Donghua University Vice-Chancellor Qiu Gao arrived in Jinjiang line 12, and Jinjiang government and enterprises to discuss strategic cooperation. Jinjiang City leaders Liuwen Ru, HUANG Jing ago, accompanied by Qiu Shi Siquan high line visited some textile and garment enterprises in Jinjiang, Jinjiang textile and garment industry to understand the status quo and held a forum to discuss specific cooperation matters.


Qiu Gao said a few days of visits, Jinjiang textile and garment industry's level of development, unique strategic vision, a strong corporate culture so that the visiting experts and professors very shocked. Qiu high that the textile industry in Jinjiang has a strong foundation, Donghua University has a wealth of talent, technology and resources, the two sides cooperate in the textile and garment industry, has a complementary advantages, mutual benefit basis and conditions, hope to cooperate commence as soon as possible, knot fruit.


It is reported that, Jinjiang and after running after Donghua University, will sign a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will form a "Jinjiang textile and garment industry development expert advisory committee" to establish a regular communication mechanism, at least once a year, "the Advisory Committee" meetings, in the analysis of the textile and garment industrial restructuring, technological innovation, and other aspects of key projects, providing policy advice , assessment, feasibility studies and other services; expertise in the textile and garment introduction of training, textiles and clothing and other aspects of scientific research and technology development in-depth cooperation to help enterprises in Jinjiang culture development, testing and production management personnel at all levels, in order to jinjiang textile and garment industry to upgrade provide a steady stream of talent and technical support.


It is understood that, under the Ministry of Education Donghua University "211" national key universities, is the only one covering the entire textile chain owned textile a key national discipline institutions, known as the textile industry, "Whampoa Military Academy "to train a large number of high-quality textile and garment professionals. (HC Textile Network)

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