Clothing Industry From The Bottleneck To Force A Breakthrough Social Marketing

- Jul 25, 2017 -

Garment industry in the channel is king, whether or wash cargo Distribution, line the store's marketing is the most important channel. But this notion in the Internet era has been a huge impact, more and more users become mainstream consumer groups, the proportion of online sales is growing. It turns out that just rely on social network marketing, but also achievements in a business, such as where the customer Dahon incident.


Internet users increasingly savvy, common marketing tool has been unable to stimulate their desire for consumption, how the internet this fertile land to open up new marketing tools to effectively promote their brand and expand the existing market share and become a clothing brand in each think about.


Most Internet users not only have strong purchasing power and showmanship, and love life online, everyone, microblogging, QQ and other social networks will contact them tightly together as a group with characteristic features of consumer groups.


Data show that by studying the propagation characteristics of social networks, develop specific means of social marketing promotion, is an innovative, multiple purchases can improve user conversion rate, and the formation of brand loyal customers an effective means. Therefore, the brand clothiers Should be able to promote the brand image and full integration of social networking, is to break the bottleneck of the development of the apparel industry is now a goodly development opportunities.


Blog, BBS, SNS, including social networks mature and emerging microblogging, letters and other social networks can become a social marketing platform. The two most important social networking is to share and interactive features, it has a high propagation resistance, the use of this feature, the current effective means to accomplish a variety of brand awareness quickly open and build brand image.


Tech and social marketing


In the social marketing process of testing the waters, combined with high technology in the apparel industry marketing is more desirable and replicable marketing tool.


Previously, the apparel industry has used the network fitting technology, but there is a serious shortage of this technology, the user experience is low, the conversion efficiency is not high potential consumers. AR technology will resolve this trouble, this technology uses computer-generated realistic visual experience to enhance the reality, and strengthen consumer interaction experience effects, creating different from the previous fitting experience. AR technology to meet the consumer's psychological novel, high user perception is social networks allow users to share and spontaneous interaction. Entire social marketing, mainly rely on the guidance of the brand, but the process of dissemination and marketing relies on the user's self-propagation.


In 2011, the famous clothing brand in plain launched its ambassador Han Geng centric "fashion fast sharing" activities. This activity is carried out through the AP technology to build Minisite interactive virtual fitting experience, the use of interactive activities and friends star attraction completed a successful social network marketing case.


By AR technology, users can be anywhere, via webcam for virtual fitting and photographed, and finally with spokesperson Han Geng video synthesis, netizens participate in activities, the spontaneous sharing of the work to the major social networking sites, plus active dissemination among fans, and everyone in the micro-Bo online aroused strong repercussions. The event overall exposure reached 206,595,284, covering populations of 12,713,637,15 day period, in Sina microblogging topics amounted to 55,873, and achieved good spread of results.


Moreover, social network marketing under the line activities also led to fiery. AR codes and effective combination of line sales discount store discount coupons, up to 20,000 during the event multiple downloads, AR yard line sales of 10,000 sheets, line experience of more than 10,000 people. Young student in a family for which the activities of consumer groups, the feedback in order to get a better pure brand brand evaluation in popularity and has significantly improved on actual sales.


The full integration of advanced technologies into the garment industry, in order to pull the star effect social marketing, and achieved great success. It has become a case of social marketing classic textbook, has worth learning and reference significance. But it should be noted, AR technology for the apparel industry social marketing success and apparel industry with its high degree of fit are inextricably linked, but also beyond the reach of other industries.


Progress in developing


New media, interactive language is rich and full use of modern technology, such as AR technology, QR technology (two-dimensional code technology) and other established brand new experience, the apparel industry has become an important operational tool.


In the future, people shopping may be the case, the store brand is no longer the main sales channel, but as a secondary brand experience stores to exist. You can be as in NIKEiD, as carried in the store try experience (or, more simply, you can take advantage of AR technology in the brand's official website for try), and then try experience share their social networks, your relatives, friends, Students can evaluate you, this is a complete set of information feedback chain, if we are the point of "like", you can carry out orders to buy clothes on the label is a two-dimensional code, took out his mobile, light light swept under the single payment by step solution to achieve the buying experience. How delivery? Like how to put on how to mention, stores come from the mention also, express delivery is also available.


From offline to online, technological advances have reduced the cost of store brand can also help enterprises establish and improve the user experience database. The social networks mature, is to let the garment industry marketing offers a new platform and means. In viral video, live micro, APP, BBS, SNS, Blog, Q & A, including a number of auxiliary transmission line, from real-time, interactive, sharing of multiple levels of brand marketing plan completed, plump brand awareness , pulling the experience to complete the entire process of social marketing. Social marketing for the apparel industry offers unlimited possibilities.

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