Chongqing Female Traffic Police Wear Red Raincoat On The Street

- Oct 11, 2017 -

  The police chief wang lijun was said to have personally designed it
Good-looking, female doll wear red, appear very lively.
On the morning of February 2, at 7.30am, 46 female traffic policemen held a service at the people's square in chongqing. The citizens of the morning exercise found a different place: they were dressed in red.
It was later confirmed that it was a red raincoat for policed polices. They wore it for the first time on Tuesday. They said it was designed by wang lijun, director of the municipal public security bureau.

  Have what special
Don't button up with a magnet
Li jiajjie is the chief of the women's secret service team of the municipal public security bureau. She said that there were no regular buttons except for the windbreaks, all of which were magnets. This is not a simple substitute. Li said that apart from the aesthetics, it is convenient.
The length of the raincoat is over the boots
"Don't underestimate the length of this red raincoat, it's very elegant." "Li explained. As she drew on her raincoat, she said, the raincoat was longer than the knee, just over the black boots on her feet. The good thing is to keep the rain off the raincoat and pour it into your boots.
There is also an "organ", which is also related to rainproof: the upright collar with a hat hidden in it. Open the hat to see, there is also a "duck tongue" in front of the brim, when the rain is larger, the "duck tongue" can be expanded.

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