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- Jul 25, 2017 -

  Some clothing retailers are reducing the costs incurred fashion photography and troubles, these include international clothing giant H & M and Nordic youth sportswear brand JC. These companies started using plastic models and a complex processing technology to produce online product catalog, so that you do not need and pretentious celebrities and discerning photographers deal with it.



Inventor of the technology start-up company based in Stockholm Looklet. Vente-Privee now hold shares in this company. In order to design a virtual model, Looklet shot some real model, and the photo decomposition of arms, legs, face, eyes and hair, etc. even smaller component. In addition, the company also filmed the show different clothing fake model photos. These photos are real and clothing entered into a software, the designer can choose the hairstyle, color, style, clothing, and even facial expressions to mix and match.


Although not a high-end model photography as attractive, but this approach is very efficient. For example, Vente-Privee websites selling is generally faster update clothing brand, while using virtual models can make businesses more every day for 50% of the product. The retailer year shooting over 500,000 products, the use of 2.5 million pictures. Using a new imaging method, the company saves two-thirds of the cost.


 Vente-Privee said that in 2010 started using Looklet before, companies often need to wait for late photographer, or because no ironed clothes need to give up some of the pictures, thus wasting a lot of valuable time of production of this catalog.


Looklet was originally founded in 2009, a network of community, prospective designers where you can dress up as a virtual model and design styling. With this freedom concept has been a great welcome, a few months community of users has grown to 60 million people. Looklet now has 30 employees.


Looklet's founders quickly realized the commercial value of this idea. Looklet one of the founders, Robert is responsible for program development • Al Borg (Robert Ahlborg) said that if you need to handle a large number of clothing and accessories, organize photo shoot work is simply a nightmare.


But the eagle-eyed shoppers will buy it?


H & M have long purchased the shares of this technology. H & M catalog model is simply false to real ones. Last year, because it did not disclose the use of a fake model, H & M has been strongly condemned. Since theoretically, H & M increased people using fake models make their appearance becomes flawless pressure. Eating disorders organizations have criticized H & M, in their view, the use of false model is not necessary. Meanwhile, some blog readers to sign a joint letter of appeal, requiring H & M use live models.


H & M, said the company never hidden in the catalog models using false facts. H & M to see the advantages of this technology. H & M spokesperson Camilla • Amy Mickelson - Falk (Camilla Emilsson-Falk), we can in this way from different angles to showcase our products, as we show in the shop window, like our clothing.


H & M


Al Borg think outside criticism is certainly the technology. Al Borg said, we are pleased to year and a half before anyone noticed H & M used our virtual model.


For Vente-Privee, the persuasion Ivanka Trump, and Diesel and other suppliers to use this technology had been a challenge. Some vendors initially skeptical. Benzene Hamming said, vendors say, "No, no, we want real model, so as to sell more clothes." We told them that is not the case, look at our results, the use of virtual models show Looklet each clothing section of the obtained revenue than-life models show apparel revenue more than 20% higher.


Vente-Privee more than 90% of model photography using Looklet virtual model, Vente-Privee estimates, the company in 2012 with Looklet technology has sold more than 280,000 items.


Jones Company


All youth apparel retailer JC online catalog through Looklet complete virtual model technology, because such production directories faster. Customers also this as a unique way to shop. JC online business leader Eleonore • Sall (Eleonore Säll) said that, our customers, especially girls, in love with their own clothing.


Nevertheless, even the most enthusiastic of digital technology company retains some live models, the experts do not believe that this industry live model will be replaced. For example, H & M of these companies rely heavily on David Beckham (David Beckham) and other celebrities to boost sales. In addition, the model can not fake catwalk.


Stockholm Elite Model Management Model Management's chief executive Alfredo • Kazimierz (Fredo Kazemi) did not worry about this trend, but he thinks computer-generated virtual model will eventually live models everywhere ganchang compete.


He said that the virtual model on live models have not yet pose a threat, but we must be realistic. This is related to the question of cost, if you can make a virtual model without having to spend money on live models, who will do so. Over time, the workload of live models will be reduced, but I think it will not happen the next 10-15 years.


Looklet making virtual model is still based on real photos, real photo as a reference to these virtual models to look like a real person. But Looklet says it just to a small group to pay a huge fee model, then you can get a permanent right to use these photos. The company has been making children and oversized virtual model plan.


Virtual models biggest flaw is it? Al Borg said that if our customers have been complaining about it, that is, the office did not walk around the beautiful model. However, the cost savings may not have these concerns. (Wall Street Journal)

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