Armbands Hopeshow Liu Hua: Reflection On The Market Shelf Above (Figure)

- Jul 25, 2017 -

"Idealized designers are needed capital - talent and financial capacity, so that it can make the design as vacant and to the arts in general, lead all to see, but the design is completely out of the market, basically difficult to survive."


Miss Liu Hua: Hangzhou Women brand Hopeshow armbands Managing Brand Director


Hangzhou has not only the birth of a new era characterized by a number of women's enterprises, but also cultivate a number of distinctive clothing brand. Fresh and elegant design style, graceful and delicate southern atmosphere, these common brand characteristics so that the "Hang faction" of that spread like wildfire. But in this situation behind the exciting, but it attracted so brand owners worried about competition situation. However, in the face of such fierce competition in the market, they do lack some of the stable development of passenger traffic continued success of the brand.


"Armbands Hopeshow" Hangzhou is one of women's brands, this nearly 15-year history of women's brand, in 2001, 2003 consecutive three times by the Hangzhou Municipal Government awarded "Hangzhou Ten women's brand." Miss Liu Hua tea brand director also won the "China Top Ten designer brand" title. So the designer-turned boss, how is their own brand RBI and steadily towards success? "Tea" Miss Liu Hua, general manager, will share with you her management experience.


Reporter: how did you think of the name of the establishment of such a highly poetic brand? Inspired Where?


Liu Hua: Because the love of poetry and music, creating a brand at the beginning, wanted to take a music or poetry with the name. "Tea" comes from the Chinese Tang Dynasty poet Bai's poem "armbands woven damask boast Shi Di." And take "tea" as our women's brand name, which means we must continue to develop the same track with the international women's fashion, but also inherited the traditional Chinese culture, combined with the new trend of the times for the 25-35 year-old career women design a contemporary "intellectual "," elegance "," fashion "clothing. In fact, the Hang send clothing whole, represent a Chinese women's culture, named or less will also to geography, so we are more than a few competing brands are also a tacit agreement to take such a poetic, graceful, full of southern flavor name.


Reporter: Do you think a brand to be successful, and has a stable and growing customer base, what is the key?


Liu Hua: I personally believe the key to success is the brand's positioning itself as well as the market and customer needs, concerns and understanding. "Tea" early establishment phase from the brand to meet the market, to meet customer needs, and slowly transition to the second stage of the brand, to understand international trends, combined with domestic market demand, in the growing process, and constantly establish and stabilize brand style. Today it is the third stage of brand building, brand influence and popularity with the continuous expansion and upgrade, "tea" will be based on market segmentation, in time to meet the market demand at all levels, but also started to focus on brand diversification . Eventually do lead customers, leading the trend.


Reporter: tea has been established over the past 15 years, the past 15 years, the overall style of clothing is based on market demand and changes in overall or reform?


Liu Hua: In fact, in the past 15 years, "tea" experienced three styles change. In order to meet the market, keeping up with international trends, the quarterly products, we will be adding new fashion elements, while still retaining the original style. The practice has proved that our customers are very receptive to new elements of fashion. Clothing is need to constantly change and update, and ultimately brand naturally formed two series of clothing, Hopeshowelegant fashion series and Hopeshowcollection series of elegant and refined to meet the different needs of customers.




Reporter: How did you make to join the fashion element of new products on the market, you can get the new and old customers of all ages?


Liu Hua: new product development cycle is very important, we must have a new fashion elements and distinctive details, but also must be built to meet the actual needs of customers on the basis of. Therefore, it must be popular and details with the profile of the perfect combination, so as to launch selling products.


Reporter: armbands in 2007 created a new brand H.SbyHopeshow, why create this brand?


Liu Hua: As a designer, in addition to the original brand style design, we have been hoping to bring consumers more and better products to other styles. In fact, every kind of style of clothing have demonstrated a way of life, is an understanding of life, but through a different language to express Bale clothing. We can learn from some of the Italian clothing company's brand development path, that is a multiple derived under the brand gradually filled with remarkable personality of the brand. In the H? SbyHopeshow created so far, we have been exploring better style line.


Reporter: The hope of global economic recovery, armbands will take the opportunity to occupy more market do? You and your brand how to set development goals?


Liu Hua: The new year begins, armbands will further increase the brand image to promote efforts to enhance brand awareness, brand market share while maintaining steady growth, in order to deal with this situation in the fierce competition and diversity in the market.


Reporter: As a general manager and brand director armbands, your work is how to balance these two positions? Do you think the pros and cons designer boss, what is?


Liu Hua: Because they are learning design background, so from brand inception, it is more focus on product design aspects. In contrast, for the brand management and brand image marketing, there are certain omissions. Hang send clothing brands, fierce competition, many new brands have come from behind the posture, increasing the number of stores with the Japanese. In order to make the brand more competitive, I am currently working on training its team of designers, so that they learn to co-design and sales, so that I would be free to manage the brand planning, marketing and other areas. The new year, I want to make greater efforts to promote the brand, to enhance the tea brand of charm. On the pros and cons, the only regret is that I can not be your favorite clothing style, but fortunately I was engaged in the most loving of the apparel industry, operates its own brand. But I hope that through me and my team to work together, the "tea brand" into a "relaxed with beautiful ladies fashion famous brand."

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