Advantages Of New Cotton Flame-retardant Fabric

- Nov 02, 2017 -

  Cotton flame retardant fabric is flame retardant cotton class the most widely application scope and application fields, especially in the welding industry and natural gas industry use is more, it can adopt Proban or Frecotex flame retardant processing according to the needs of customers, in fabric form within the permanent crosslinking, so that the product has the persistence of the flame retardant performance, can be resistant to more than 100 times water to wash.
Xinke special textile produces a large quantity of cotton flame-retardant fabric every year. It can tear the strength high and reach up to 30N, which meets the requirements of 15N and 20N in ISO11612 and ISO11611.
Features: new production of flame-retardant cotton fabric with internationally renowned "Plutarch benzene (PROBAN)" production process, the use of flame retardant is a kind of used for the durability of cotton fiber and its blended fabric finishing fire retardant, its main characteristic is to use this kind of flame retardant and its production process, after finishing the fabric form within the permanent crosslinking, thus enabling it to the durability of the flame retardant performance, can wash more than 50 times, the flame retardant fabric can effectively prevent the spread of flame, to maintain the original performance of fabric. The flame retardant protective clothing made of this flame retardant fabric has excellent washing resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, and is safe and reliable, breathable, soft and comfortable.

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