With gas phase method crease-resistant finishing of garment

- Jul 25, 2017 -

Clothing made without water, the direct use of gas phase method, this can avoid a lot of trouble. This method can make the cross-linked with formaldehyde cellulose by gas phase method. The characteristics of this method are: low cost, high efficiency, better durability. Principle of gas phase method is in the reactor sealed, Walter formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide gas and water vapor, a small part of formaldehyde and sulfur dioxide and water in the reaction of strong acidic hydroxymethyl sulphonic acid (HOCH, SO, H), it is the catalyst of formaldehyde and cellulose molecules cross-linked. Because the permeability of formaldehyde gas is extremely strong, and therefore the cellulose cross-linked uniform. From the theory of fabric strength decreased less, crosslinking better durability. Safety of this process depends on the tightness of equipment, also equipped with automatic monitoring and control system to ensure the process parameters to be implemented. The kettle is composed of three parts of the gas phase reaction (room), clothing advanced steam room, steam absorption of moisture, moisture content of the clothing is 10% to 20%. In room second at 120 ℃ crosslinked with formaldehyde. Article 3 rooms with steam to remove formaldehyde clothing unreacted. Even so, the fabric formaldehyde residues still 0.006%-0.008%. However, through the washing to remove most of.

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