Why do not the antibacterial underwear chemical fiber content the better

- Nov 17, 2017 -

   Chemical fiber is produced by petroleum by-products and is woven into fabrics with various USES. The existence of chemical fiber facilitates human life. But not all fabrics use chemical fiber, the underwear is an exception, as the personal belongings, the content of chemical fiber is less the better, especially the antibacterial underwear, chemical fiber also unfavorable too much.
This is because chemical fiber is petroleum organic matter, generally not skin-friendly, not breathable, easy to cause the privacy area temperature too high, but more help the reproduction of the bacterium.

  In addition, the chemical fiber preparation of antibacterial underwear, because the material of birth defects, antibacterial effect often cannot be consumers feeling, not a very good experience effect, also cannot achieve ideal antibacterial effect.
Finally, the antibacterial underwear prepared by chemical fiber is usually performed at a constant temperature. However, wear in the body, temperature significantly increases, the air circulation is poor, some absorb sweat is not good, organisms, will move faster than detection which is why a lot of people in the cause of the experience result is bad.
Besides the antibacterial panties made by chemical fiber, the antibacterial panties of the potions are not advisable.
The antibacterial panties are imported by ollie to the orchid. They are soft, sweat, skin-friendly and breathable. The antibacterial technology USES the Japanese crystal nano silver technology, antibacterial deodour, to bring the Gospel to people.

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