What are the dangers of substandard clothing

- Nov 17, 2017 -

  Wearing unsafe clothing can cause the following harm to the human body:
(1) the breakdown of aromatic amine dyes:
Decomposable aromatic amine dyes for their variety of colour and lustre, simple manufacturing, low cost by most small and medium-sized textile and garment enterprises apply to the fabric, the dye after contact with a person's skin, can cause human malignant tumor, leading to the bladder, ureteral malignant diseases such as cancer.

   (2) the formaldehyde content is not qualified:
Formaldehyde is an irritant gas soluble in water and can be absorbed by the respiratory tract. Long-term exposure to low dose of formaldehyde can lead to chronic respiratory diseases, menstrual disorders and pregnancy syndrome, resulting in lower physical fitness, abnormal chromosomal abnormalities, and even nasopharyngeal cancer. Formaldehyde is also deformed and carcinogenic.

  (3) the pH value is not qualified:
Actually human skin with a layer of weak acid, its role is to prevent the invasion of the disease, if the PH value on the textile too low or too high, will with the skin weak acid neutralization reaction, change the PH value on the surface of the skin and cause skin uncomfortable, allergic skin crowd is more easily produce the symptoms such as itching, such not only produce stimulation to the skin, may also make the skin by bacteria, causing skin diseases.

(4) peculiar smell:
If there are some strange odors emanating from fibrous products, there is an excessive amount of chemical residue on fiber products, and chemical residues have an effect on the health of the human body. Musty taste can be a source of allergy to asthma; The oil flavor can cause mucosa stimulation, may cause chemical encephalitis; The aromatic smell has irritability to the skin mucous membrane, it has anaesthetic effect on the central nervous system; The smell of fish can irritate the eyes and the throat and the respiratory tract.

(5) color fastness not qualified:
Color fastness good and poor, directly concern the health and safety of human body. Poor color fastness of the product in the process of wearing, encounter rain, sweat would cause paint falls off in fabrics fade, dye will unload into the skin from the textile, dye molecules and heavy metal ions can be absorbed by human body through the skin, again under the biocatalysis of bacteria, reduction reaction, generate harmful material harm to human body health; On the other hand, it can affect other clothing that is stained or stained with other clothing.

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