The duties and responsibilities of a Garment Merchandiser

- Jul 25, 2017 -

Garment Merchandising position is a smart position in a RMG industry. But it remains true that it contains a lot of risks.  To handle all items related with Garment Merchandising is so hard. But if someone (Merchandiser) draws the high concentration on their job then he/she will become a successful merchandiser.

Anyway, Now I would like to write the mail role of a Merchandiser:
The main role of a garment Merchandiser is to collect Garment export order (Export L/C). Then produce the garments and export. If a Merchandiser can the all operation successfully then his/her garment owner as well as he/she will be benefited. But it’s a matter of true that to perform those above functions successfully needs huge knowledge and tremendous effort for a Merchandiser.

Duties and Responsibilities of Merchandiser:
The major duties and responsibilities of a garment merchandiser are as below-

•    To procure or collect a garment export order or export L/C
•    To estimate time schedule for the export of those garments as per L/C
•    To arrange all the materials needed for the garments to manufacture and export
•    To monitor collection of raw materials as per time schedule 
•    To monitor the quantity and quality of the collected raw materials 
•    To select garment factory if needed
•    To monitor garment production progress as per time schedule
•    To monitor desired/imposed quality level of the produced garment 
•    To monitor garment packing instructions 
•    To monitor banking and shipment arrangements as per time schedule
•    To maintain continuous liaison with the buyer or his/her representative if needed
•    To maintain continuous liaison with his/her controlling authorities
•    To follow up payment collection against garments export as  per schedule
•    And finally, To earn profit through garment export execution 

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