The difference between a shake and other fabrics

- Nov 15, 2017 -

  Velvet and plain fabric
It is a small wing knitting structure, in the great circle machine woven, woven fabric after dyeing first, after again hair, comb hair, shearing, anti-pilling and a variety of complex finishing processing process, positive napped fabrics, anti-pilling fluffy dense and difficult to shed, pilling, opposite thin thin hair, well-balanced, hairs short, texture clear, soft, flexible organization.
In the weaving process of shaking grain, spandex (maximum 5%), T/R shake, technology needs further improvement.
Special treatment of fabrics, such as antistatic auxiliaries, anti-flame retardants, infrared AIDS, etc. For some special rolling grout, such as fabrics that add antistatic fiber to the weaving process, there is still a small amount of this fiber in the domestic market.

It can also be combined with all fabrics to make it better. For example, the combination of rolling grain and wool and grain, the compound of shake grain and denim, the compound of grain and wool, the compound of shake grain and the fabric of the mesh and the waterproof breathable membrane, etc.
In terms of the price of the granule, the width of the granule in China is usually about 150CM, some width to 230CM, and the gram weight varies from 180 to 450 grams. The price should consider the cost of raw materials, weaving, weaving and loss, dyeing, dyeing and finishing, etc. At the price of fabrics, the cheapest price is the zhejiang market, but the changshu in jiangsu is also cheaper. Shake grain wool fabrics already belong to low grade price, high grade enjoy popular fabrics.

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