Scarf classification and volume edge knowledge

- Nov 17, 2017 -

   According to the shape: there are long scarves, square towels, triangle towels, etc.
Divided according to the material, basically have wool scarf, silk scarf, cotton scarf, chemical fiber, such as polyester, polyamide, acrylic, viscose scarf, etc.) and blended scarf (such as silk, silk cotton, polyester scarf, etc.), etc.;
According to the way of weaving: mainly have woven scarf, knitted scarf, hand-knitted scarf, etc.
According to the processing technology: there are printed scarf, dyed scarf, embroidered scarf, tie-dyed scarf, etc
There are, of course, many other ways of categorizing, and each category is not isolated, and is not elaborated here.

  The wrap of the scarf:
Woolen scarves and knitted scarves are usually made of natural edges, without curling, and the scarf has a lock when it is knitted. The main is pure silk, chemical fiber and mixed spin type scarf to want final roll edge to make finished product. !
Edge main points of two kinds of manual and crimping machine, manual edge is artificial glimmer of roll up, more upscale, nature also are much higher cost, especially now that the improvement of labor costs and fewer and fewer people are willing to do this kind of sewing.
The most common of the machine winding is three kinds: triangulation, needle Angle like zigzag and triangle; At the edge of the machine, the Angle of the needle is straight, and a lot of clothes, such as the neckline cuffs of the shirt, are basically the edge of this machine. The edge of the machine, or the edge, is a tightly coiled edge; The cost of the three kinds of machine winding is not very different, but the edge of the triangle is slightly more expensive than the edge of the machine and the edge of the machine, and the same machine rolled edge also has a good work and good quality.

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