Organic Cotton Fabric

- Jun 29, 2017 -

Organic Cotton  grown free of toxic chemicals using biologically based and sustainable growing methods (such as crop rotation) rather than with highly synthetic and destructive fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides or pesticides. Certified organic cotton must adhere to a strict set of guidelines based on the scientific method of organic agriculture. Organic cotton farming produces far less CO2 emissions - Organic farming takes 1.5 tonnes of CO2 per acre per year are taken out of the atmosphere. Organic cotton farming uses up to 60% less water than conventional farming methods. Pesticide or herbicide residues are not entered accidentally into the environment. 

When starting with organic cotton you end up with a much higher quality product with greater durability. Thread count refers to the number of threads in a specific area, for example a 300 thread count sheet has 300 threads in 1 square inch. A higher thread count in a sheet can make a difference in how the product feels, for example, a higher thread count sheet can be softer. 


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