Knitted fabric of wool type characteristics

- Nov 07, 2017 -

  Pure wool worsted fabrics
Mostly with thin texture, surface smooth, grain clarity. Natural soft luster, floating light. Body bone crisp, soft and rich in elasticity. Hold material after loosening, basic no buckling, even if there was a slight crease also can disappear in a short time.
Pure wool worsted fabrics
Mostly thick texture, full face, color soft and glance at the light. Face and suede not lines. Clear surface class textile and rich. Feel soft, crisp and elastic.

   Wool blended fabrics
1, wool and polyester blended fabrics
Surface of the sun shines, the lack of pure wool fabric soft smooth feel. Wool-polyester (polyester wool)
Used but have plate hard feeling, and marked with the increase of the content of polyester. Flexibility is better than pure wool fabrics, but feel less than pure wool and Mao Qing blended fabrics. Hold material after loosening, almost no crease.
2, wool and viscose blended fabrics
Luster is bleak. Worsted class feel is relatively weak, carded class feel is loose. The flexibility of this kind of fabric and crisp feeling than pure wool and wool, Mao Qing blended fabrics. If the viscose content is higher, the fabric is easy to fold.
Artificial fiber wool-like fabrics

Traditional viscose, wool fiber as raw materials of wool-like fabrics, tarnish, feel weak, lack of crisp feeling. Due to poor elasticity, buckling, appear easily and not easy to fade. Drawn from the fabric yarn wet strength have significantly lower than that of dry after water, this is one of the effective methods to identify glues fabrics. In addition, this kind of wool-like fabrics soaked after a hard and thick. With the progress of science and technology, wool-like product in color, feel and durability also has made great progress, high-tech textile products constantly, will decorate in our world more colorful.
Pure chemical fiber wool-like fabrics
General with synthetic fiber as main ingredient, make subordinate line with synthetic fibers or evanescent hues, some with novel synthetic fiber (special) as main material, such as color lise, LeLi wire, oolong wire, a measure of wire, etc., with appropriate fabric, can be weaved the wool-like fabrics of different thickness. This kind of fabric, cloth have two kinds of bamboo-like depth, natural style. Have the characteristics of natural fiber, natural style. After scientific and reasonable dyeing and finishing treatment, bright color, good gloss, crisp and elastic. Suitable for mass consumption.

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