How to maintain the garment of chiffon fabrics?

- May 18, 2017 -

Do not hang the nail bead gown long time in the wardrobe, otherwise soft loose chiffon will sag distortion. Be careful not to touch the water. If the local dip water, simply soak washing, the final stretch iron to avoid shrinking. After washing the natural drops do not wring dry. Heavy decorative chiffon is preferably flat in the closet, so it is not easy to deform. Through a Times chiffon dress can not be placed in plastic pocket, preferably in the cloth pocket, breathable will not contaminate the dust. The sleeves of chiffon clothes hang up with a hanger, preferably with cloth to make a hanger, or the two of the hanger with a small towel wrapped up, the sleeve will not deform. The spraying perfume should pay attention to long-distance. Lest you leave the macula.

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