How to ensure that industrial sewing machine rotary hook lubrication wear-free

- Jul 25, 2017 -

 Long-term industrial sewing machine in a high-speed operation, when the speed reaches 4,000 rpm, the hook speed 8000 rpm per minute. Many domestic rotary hook reach this speed, the hook if not well oil occurs severe wear of rotating hook, big noise and other technical failure, followed by a break occurs, poor stitch and other issues.Especially when the summer comes, the temperature of the work of the hook followed up very high, even occurs rotary hook hot and not take the phenomenon of the bobbin case, we must adjust the oil supply of the hook. 

We can find a piece of cardboard on the rotary hook, continuous operation of the machine at least 1 minute, then check the oil on cardboard is moderate. Cardboard little oil or traces of oil, then we put the fuel adjustment screw transferred to the screw head completely blocked date back to the hole, and then check the oil, if traces of oil is still very small, then the oil line shall be taken from simple to complex inspection methods. 

We first remove the bobbin case, and then check the oil. If you remove the rotary hook traces of oil becomes larger, the rotary hook clogged with dust, we can for the clean-up, especially the track at the hole blankets. If the rotary hook wear too much, then it should be replaced with a new rotary hook; traces of oil is still small, remove the lower shaft Brass oil plugs, check if the filter is clogged, remove and then running machine, check whether the axis oil spray, oil, if it is normal, there will be a lot of oil outflow. 

If there is still no oil outflow, then we should check the pump properly? Oil pump to the rubber between the aluminum tubing connection is broken or bent? If there is no problem, then we should remove the lower shaft gear screws and retaining ring, taking 
lower shaft, and then running the machine, seamless jacquard tights and other products, with production speed, low labor costs, low energy consumption, wide adaptability, time production. The sleeve should be a lot of oil outflow, the lower shaft hole and sleeve holes are not aligned. 

Most simple discrimination method, check the shaft hole friction traces, scale position should be the hole site without friction traces, the seamless weaving equipment in China's underwear industry market share of about 5%. But the development trend the seamless garment will be the replacement upgrade of the traditional textile and garment.Axis shaft hole alignment sleeve hole just under appropriate adjustments according to the friction marks about the axis, and then check out of fuel after a good tune should ensure that no flow around the lower shaft. If you remove the lower shaft, bushings still no oil outflow, then we should check whether the pump, tubing and sleeve hole is blocked, damaged, but also pay attention to the tubing is inserted in the wrong hole. 

After the end of the Check and adjust the fuel adjustment screw to adjust to the appropriate position, mainly due to domestic sewing machine business 10 years, the amount of high-speed expansion, the focus began to improve the ability of enterprises to innovate transfer to prevent excessive oil pollution fabrics.

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