Gram weight measurement (disk sampling method

- Nov 15, 2017 -

  Measuring gram weight is to control gram weight, timely accurate, simple and quick acquisition of measurement data, for the finished product gram weight control is of great significance.

   Disk sampling method:
This method is simple and fast, with high reliability, which is convenient to save the measurement data. The disadvantage is that it requires the balance of high precision, disk sampler and sample mat. As long as there is an electronic balance, disk sampler and sampling pad with a precision of 0.01 g, the gram weight of the known fabric can be drawn and measured at any time. The effective area of the sample of the disk sampler is 1dm2. After weighing, it is 100 times larger than that of the fabric. Multiply by the width of the fabric door (in meters), the result is the weight of the fabric. The disc sampler needs to be properly kept, or the blade is liable to break. The sample pad of the disc sample is a soft and soft rubber sheet, a pad of cork or other material, with a short life span. The pattern is the fabric needs to be on the mat, the sample should not be too close to the side of the fabric, otherwise both will seriously affect the accuracy of the data. Consider sampling three times as the final gram weight of the fabric. Of course, if the value of these three values is more than 10% above the mean value, the measurement will need to be resampled. This method is applicable to the control of the gram in the field of textile production, as well as the confirmation of the finished product between textile manufacturers and traders. In general, the weight of the fabric measured by the disc sampling method is slightly higher than that of other methods. The deflection of the elastic fabric is slightly larger.


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