- Jul 25, 2017 -

Garments are produced in a garments factory on industrial basis for all the people of a specific country. Bangladesh is one of the best garments producing and exporting countries in the world market. At present there are more than 4500 garments factories running in Bangladesh. Growth of garments factories started in Bangladesh in 1980. Foreign currency earning through garments export from Bangladesh started in 1980-81 with starting figure US $3.24 million which was not countable in percentage of the total national foreign currency earnings. In 2007-08 financial year, the percentage of foreign currency earning through garments export reached from 0% to 80%.     

At present Bangladesh is producing and exporting more than 75 item of garments. The most common items are shirt, trouser, jacket, sports wear, T-shirt, polo t-shirts, ladies wear, sweater, socks, hats etc. This produced items are exported in USA, Canada, EEC, Japan, Australia, Middle-east and many other countries in the world. Cheapest labor cost is the biggest advantage for Bangladeshi garments producers and exporters.

It is counted that around 20,00,000 people are currently working full time basis in Bangladeshi garments. But the number is not enough. We also need 40,00,000 people to support this industry. Among those people 90% people are illiterate and remaining 10% is counted for literate.   

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