Foundation of the down jacket fabric

- Nov 15, 2017 -

   Down jackets are mainly made of down and coated fabrics.
Feather: a mixture of small feathers and velvet (also called a velvet). The former is called feather and the latter is called velvet. The wool of a duck and goose is used to separate out the small feather and the flocculus. There are grey and grey feathers, but white is the best. The quality of the down jacket is related to the amount of flannelette and cashmere. The feather weight of a down jacket is used to indicate the low amount of flannelette and the difference of warmth. The content of cordulity is the content of the down of the down, and the percentage indicates that it is high in wool and high in quality.

(2) coated fabric choose weft yarn density of fabric such as silk, cotton, polyester cotton, the rolling pressure processing, narrowing the gap between the weft yarn, and then coated with polymer slurry, make and fabric to form chain transparent skin membrane layer, on the gap closed fabric warp/weft. Some of them are added fluorophosphorus resin or silicone waterproof agent in the coating paste, so that the fabric has the properties of anti-dew and impervious water.

The basic requirements of common duvet fabrics
(1) wind ventilation: most down jackets have certain windbreaks. Breathability is an important aspect of winter clothing comfort.
(2) down-proof: enhance feather down-proof fabric there are three ways, one is on the base fabric, film coating or coating with thin film or coating to prevent leakage velvet, and of course the first premise is breathable, and will not affect the degree of thin and soft fabric. Second, the high density fabric is processed through post-processing to improve the fabric's anti-velvet performance. Three is to add a layer of anti-flannelette in the feather fabric lining, the quality of the garment will directly affect the quality of the cloth.
(3) thin and soft, lightweight today in equipment, down jacket fabric thin degree will directly affect the whole weight of a down jacket, and soft fabrics, for itself is bloated down jacket, can enhance the comfort of old people wear down jacket. On the other hand, light and soft fabrics help to make the puffiness of the puffiness better, so the warmth is also higher.

The design of winter duvet fabric for old people
Feather design in a down jacket
The down jacket has the characteristics of light, soft and warm, and these characteristics are largely determined by the content and quality of down feather in the down jacket.
2. Fabric design
The fabric of pure cotton PU coating and TTU isolation layer is adopted (200T, plain weave tissue). Pure cotton PU coating fabrics have silky smooth, delicate and tight feel. The pure cotton material is easy to absorb sweat and air permeability, and the PU coating makes it easy to wrinkle, the elastic recovery function is excellent and can effectively prevent the leakage. The maximum characteristic of TTU isolation layer is heat absorption, air permeability and moisture conduction. The fabric is thin, but it can't see the white down. Through the processing of rolling process, the fibers of the TTU isolation layer are closely bound together, and the porous structure of the fiber can effectively soak the inner permeability and absorb the sunlight. Therefore, it has more than normal wind protection, warm and breathable performance.

3. Material design
Polyester-spun silk made of silk and polyester. The polyester taffeta is a polyester thin fabric, is made of fine denier polyester filament (increase) fabric of moisture absorption, air permeability and weave silk appearance style fabric, bright color light, feel is smooth. The lining fabric is used in half extinction (make fabric lustre downy dyeing and drapability increase) fine denier polyester yarn FDY50D / 48 f (refers to the full stretch of this 75 denier polyester filament is composed of 48 root monofilament) as raw material, adopts the plain weave in water-jet loom weaving and become, according to the 290 t (prevent feather leakage), the specifications of the woven fabric by relaxation, desizing, alkali deweighting (increase the permeability of fabrics of), dyeing, finalize the design process, such as soft and calender special finishing process, the fabric has a homogeneous structure, BoShuang breathable, soft surface, it's a crisp wash and wear, down-proof leakage etc., makes it an ideal tank in winter down jacket material.


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