Difference between Tulle and Bobbinet

- Jun 23, 2017 -

From definition we know that tulle is a type of net, actually nets are classified as bobbinet, fishnet, filet, maline or tulle. Tulle and bobbinet are very similar, thus some references even do not separate bobbinet and tulle, and most of people still can not tell the difference between tulle and bobbinet.


It is a hexagonal mesh that may be very thin and transparent (bridal illusion) or fairly coarse and opaque (casement cloth), depending on the yarn count of the material used to produce it. Most bobbinet sold in the United States is produced in England and France.


It is a fine, stiff hexagonal net made from silk or nylon yarns. It is very similar to bobbinet but lighter in weight than bridal illusion; It is generally used for trimming or over draping of dress goods.


Types of Tulle for the Veil

bridal illusion

Bridal illusion is the basic/standard tulle. It’s made from nylon and popularly used for most veils these days because of‘pouf’factor. It comes in a plethora of colors, styles of shimmer and widths.

English tulle

English tulle or english netting is made from cotton and has a hexagonal weave. It has more drape to it than Illusion. It is also a lot more expensive.

silk tulle

Silk tulle is the crème de la crème of potential veil materials. It’s super soft, way luxurious and less transparent than Illusion and English tulle, has a hexagonal weave. It is also WAY drape-y and a little stretchy and physically a heavier material, making it less gossamer in its movement. What’s more silk tulle is also the Ferrari of tulle in regards to cost.

These pictures below show how three fabrics differ with the exact same construction. Each of the veils shown below is elbow length with a cut edge and is 54" wide. The Illusion is more transparent and has more pouf. The English tulle still has some body, but has more drape and is less transparent than the Illusion. And then the Mack Daddy is the silk tulle with superior drape, very little pouf and lots of pretty. It too is more opaque than Illusion.


Something made of tulle fabric

Tulle is used for a variety of purposes, for instance, clothing items is most commonly made of tulle, including skirts, gowns (particularly wedding gowns), coats, bed skirts, bows and jackets. Tulle netting is also popularly used in veils and ballet tutus.

Tulle Dresses

1510264801.jpgVera Wang's wedding dress with tulle overlay

How to get wrinkles ut of tulle?

Tulle is a mesh fabric that's used to make everything from ballet tutus to wedding veils. Unlike cotton fabric, simply ironing tulle on high heat is not the answer to removing the wrinkles. The tulle must be handled with care, or else it could rip or burn under the heat of the iron. Hang the tulle from a hanger, making sure the tulle is not touching the ground. Wait for a few days, then check the tulle to see if the wrinkles are removed. If there are still wrinkles, you will need to try ironing. Set the iron on the lowest possible temperature setting. Place a cotton sheet or handkerchief on top of the tulle as a pressing cloth to protect the tulle from burning. Move the iron back and forth over the cloth quickly to remove wrinkles.

Please keep in mind that If you have any scraps of the tulle, test the iron on the scraps before using it on the tulle item to avoid any unexpected reactions to the heat.

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