Detailed knowledge of sewing machine bonding process

- Jul 25, 2017 -

Bonding process of the sewing machine by hot-pressing operation fabric bonded together new technology, it's a very wide range of applications, with a unique process, can be an effective complement to traditional machine sewing operation, can effectively solve the The traditional process fabric stacked but can not solve the problem of off-line the edge of the fabric. 


The bonding process of the sewing machine is a sticky film placed between two layers of fabric, fabric bonded together new technology by hot-pressing operation. Process machinery and equipment and no special requirements, knitted fabrics ordinary printing machine can be used as a hot press bonding process. 


The sticky thin-film is currently used in the operation of the adhesion process in two ways:


One is with a certain width, which could be a sticky film of design and cutting; 


While the other one is a strip of adhesive film. Although the same as viscous film, but their uses are quite different. 


In some partial bonding or irregularly bonded parts can be used as a viscous film, in the ordinary fabric hemming strip adhesive film should be used in the binding job. In contrast, the strip adhesive film in addition to having the role of the adhesive-bonded fabric, there are some special effects. For example, the waterproofing function. Between the bonding operation so that the fabric is more solid combination, effectively eliminating the traditional sewing process seam allowance (in the traditional garment processing, we called part of the fabric sewn into the seam) the gap. In addition, the band-shaped sticky thin-film can also be used for decorative aspect. We can use the the ribbon sticky film strip, the seam design styles of the different styles of modern clothing styles designed to provide more choices. 


Bonding process of a wide range of applications, both unique process, can be an effective complement to traditional machine sewing operation. 


The bonding process is mainly reflected in the following aspects: 


Adhesive seam: fabric permissible temperature range, the bonding process can replace sewing techniques, complete fixed Hemming job. 


Local fixed: some tensile strength, requires precise and fixed local clothing bonding process can be used for local bonding. 


Adhesive attachments: modern fashion design, such as dingbats (Logo) and other adhesion decoration is very rich, local adhesive bonding process many attachments, so as to achieve a better decorative effect. 


Simplify the process: some parts of the garment sewing process complex bonding process is simple, fast, cutting length, cutting speed, automatic lifting height, automatic sharpening, these functions can be changed easily through statistics. For example, the fixed fastener can easily solve the problem. 


Fiber recycling: the bonding process, we can take advantage of the molding of textile materials color and style re-design, mechanical variable speed can only achieve approximate synchronization, can not be accurate. Mechanical stepless speed very susceptible to the influence of speed change, is also a wear resistance of the apparatus, the use of the longer, the accuracy of the more unreliable. The formation of new-style fabrics to meet the needs of special clothing fabric. 


To sum up: the bonding process advantages are obvious. In the bonding process, the two layers of fabric can be placed overlapping adhesive, not only effectively solve the problem of the traditional craft fabric stacked but can not solve the fabric edge off-line, to avoid the cumbersome lock side or edging to solve the troubles of the problem, but also can solve the seam allowance is too large, heavy, avoid disharmony up and down the fabric, and enhance the comfort of the body-fitted clothing.

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