Cloth Mesh Density

- Jul 25, 2017 -

It is important to think about how dense your mesh has to be to achieve the result you want. Making the mesh too dense will slow down the system, while having your mesh at too low resolution might not give you the folds or detail you want to see.

For example, if you applied a Bend modifier to a cylinder with only a few height segments, the result would be angular and unsmooth. On the other hand, if you created the cylinder with 1,000 height segments, you'd be wasting resources. The same is true for Cloth. You must find a balance between level of detail and performance that is appropriate for your scene.

Low, medium, and high-density meshes and the way they deform

Notes on the HSDS Modifier

Using the HSDS modifier to add detail to your model can be an effective solution that lets you simulate with a lower resolution mesh, and still get high-quality results. However, if you choose to use the HSDS modifier on top of your Cloth garments, you may want to apply an Edit Mesh modifier below it to weld the vertices together along the seams. This prevents the mesh from coming apart at the seams as it is subdivided.

Shown above is how the modifier stack should look when using HSDS. The intermediate Edit Mesh modifier is used to weld the panel edge vertices together. If you want to preserve the seam creases, you should apply further Mesh Select and Smooth modifiers to reselect the panels and apply different smoothing groups across the garment.

Pattern-Making Software

Below is a list of traditional pattern-making software that you can use to create patterns for import into 3ds Max and use with Cloth. After ensuring that your Internet connection is active, click the software names to display the makers' Web sites.

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