Classification of hotel fabrics

- Nov 15, 2017 -

  Machine fabric: woven fabrics that are woven vertically and vertically horizontally and longitudinally, and are woven together according to certain rules. Such as the quilt cover in the hotel, the sheet, the fabric of tablecloth is mostly machine fabric.
Nonwovens: the binding or suturing of loose fibers. At present, there are two main methods: adhesion and puncture. Like some laundry bags in a hotel, disposable slippers are nonwovens
Pure textile fabrics: the raw materials that make up the fabric use the same kind of fiber, cotton fabrics, wool fabrics, silk fabrics, polyester fabrics, etc. Such as the quilt cover, sheet, pillowcase are all cotton fabric, also called whole cotton fabric.
Blended fabric: the materials that make up the fabric are made of two or more different kinds of fibers, which are blended into yarn.
In the hotel, there are some sheets, bedsheets and pillow cases.
Interwoven fabric: the raw materials of the two directional systems that make up the fabric are made of different fibers. For example, most of the bed skirt fabrics and bedding fabric are interwoven fabrics.

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