Characteristics of silk-printed embossed silica gel and specific operation instructions

- Nov 17, 2017 -

  Silk - printing silica gel is suitable for hand - screen printing, by hand - screen printing operation! A special silica gel can be firmly adhered to the surface of printed textile products. Screen printing silicone screen printing on textile products, can use more colors, rich illustrations, its biggest characteristic is to use the screen printing after silicone designs have a strong stereo feeling, and soft, this strange effect not only strong adhesion, and is more wear-resisting, washable, environmental non-toxic tasteless, so this kind of silica gel printing effect is one of the important elements in the clothing as a breakthrough in traditional decoration! At the same time, it also brings people safer and more fashionable clothing visual experience!

   1. Features of silk screen silicone material:
1. The silk silicone material is a transparent and thick liquid, and the ratio is: 10:1 is mixed by AB component (silica gel and curing agent). This silica gel is a green raw material! (so it is not possible to contact with unenvironment-friendly objects and cause poisoning, which causes silica gel to not solidify!)
2. The effect of silk silicone gel can be lubricious and not decolorizing, but can operate many colors and not disengage! Adhesive strength, solid effect, soft touch, beautiful decorative effect, excellent performance, environmental and non-toxic characteristics.

  3. The thin consistency of silica gel can also be controlled by the diluent itself, or the supplier can communicate with the supplier directly.
4. Silk-screen silicone can be divided into many kinds, bright side effect and matte effect, and right Angle and round Angle effect!
5. The curing time can be adjusted for fast drying and slow drying, and set the time with customer needs!

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