Characteristics and advantages of chiffon fabrics

- May 18, 2017 -

What is chiffon fabrics. Chiffon also called Georgette, is a strong twist crepe warp, crepe weft weaving silk fabrics, silk and weft silk using S-Twist and Z-Twist two different twist to the strong grab yarn, according to ZS, 2Z alternating between the plain weave, woven fabrics, the latitude and longitude density is very small. After scouring, due to the twisting effect of silk thread and contraction of crepe, forming silk surface is full of uniform wrinkles, loose structure of Georgette. According to the raw material can be divided into silk georgette, rayon georgette, polyester silk georgette and interwoven georgette, such as several, if the weft yarn only uses a twist to, woven georgette known as shun fiber georgette, shun fiber georgette appear to concave and convex folds of irregular wrinkles.

The characteristics of chiffon fabrics: georgette texture, lightweight and transparent, soft and elastic, the appearance of light Yajie, with good ventilation and drape, wearing elegant, comfortable. Georgette light, heavy, thick, thin, transparent, and silk crepe shrinkage effect, mainly depends on the thickness of the silk thread, and the composite, twist and latitude and longitude density. Georgette is suitable for making women dresses, advanced evening gowns, scarves, lanterns and crafts. Silk products are spinning products, fabric lightweight, transparent, soft, elegant, the name from French CHIFFE sound meaning, meaning light and transparent fabrics. Chiffon fabrics How to distinguish: how to distinguish what is the real high-grade chiffon? The trick is to cut a small piece of fabric with a lighter burn. True: white smoke, emitting fragrance, dried ash is broken away. Fake: If all the coke flavor is not broken open, a touch will know the ingredients. Types of chiffon fabrics: according to the raw material can be divided into silk chiffon, artificial chiffon and polyester silk chiffon, such as several, the same is chiffon fabrics, the different materials woven fabrics are also very large, texture and feel the difference is very far, so the price difference is also very big.

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