Basic knowledge of commonly used fabrics

- Jun 23, 2017 -

One, the classification of fabric:

In 1, according to the manufacturing method can be divided into: woven fabric, knitted fabric

(1), woven fabric: because it is composed of warp and weft two interlaced yarns weave, so its size and shape stability, made of clothing is not easy deformation, but the drawback is that no stretch.

(2), knitted fabrics: is composed of one or a plurality of yarn forming coil mutual sleeved into a form, so its size and shape stability is poor,but its elastic and drape better, wearing soft and comfortable.

In 2, according to the composition to is divided into: natural fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics and blended fabrics. Natural fabrics: cotton, linen,wool, silk and other. Chemical fiber fabric: polyester, acrylic, nylon, viscose fiber, spandex, polyester fiber. Blended fabric: by the chemical fiber and the natural fiber textile made by methods, such as wool, cotton, linen, polyester spandex, polyester viscose mixed mixed. The mainfeature is the embodiment of the composition materials of various fibers of the superior performance, in order to improve the wearability of fabric and its garment expand applicability. Due to the complexity of processing technology, so sometimes blended fabric than the original fabric of higher prices

Two, we used fabric

Cotton:1, plant fiber, is the main advantage of moisture absorption, good air permeability, comfortable wear, but cotton wrinkle easily, can not be dyed bright colors, easy to fade, aging fast, will be washed some shrinkage, poor elasticity, poor resistance, alkali resistance, easy tomildew, but resistance to insects.

2, Ma: because of hemp fabric is plant fiber, its characteristic basically similar with cotton fabric, ramie fabric cloth is more smooth, the richelasticity, good air permeability, moisture absorption and strong heat radiation.

(1) the hemp plant strength, thermal conductivity and hygroscopicity of cotton fabric is big, tough, durable, sweat absorption, drying;

(2) antifungal properties, water resistance, is not easy to be eroded by water and mildew.

(3) on the acid-base low sensitivity, hemp fiber flexibility in various natural fiber is the worst;

(4) linen ironing temperature is 170~195degrees, water can be directly in front of the ironing.

Knowledge: washing with cotton and maintenance methods are similar, wash and wring water directly hang dry.

3, wool fabric.

(1): fast wear wool fiber surface with a layer of scales to protect, so that the fabric has good wear resistance, hardness toughness;

(2) light, warmth retention property is good: the relative density of cotton wool is small, therefore, the same size, the same thickness of thecloth, wool fabrics is light. Wool is a poor conductor of heat, so a wool fabric warmth retention property is good, especially after fulling woolen cloth, surface stands smooth chorion, can resist the outside cold air invasion, and make the body produce heat is not easy to send out;

(3) flexibility, good crease resistance: the wool has natural crimp, resilient rate high, the elastic fabric, wool fabric sewing clothing ironingshaped, is not easy to fold, can be maintained for a long time in the surface smooth and stiff and beautiful, but sometimes there are hair ballphenomenon.

(4) the strong water absorbability, wearing comfortable: wool fabric moisture absorption strong, it can be absorbed by the human bodydischarges moisture, so feel dry and comfortable wearing.

(5) not easy to fade: high-grade familiar cashmere fabric, generally high dyeing process, the dye into the fiber layer, fabric can be longer to maintain the color of fresh.

(6) dirty: because with a scaly surface can be hidden and dust, static electricity can not afford.

(7) poor alkali-resistant performance, because the animal protein wet condition easy rotten, unripe bug, washing is difficult, after washingwill shrink deformation, can only dry wash.

Knowledge: washing with special silk wool washing detergent, required patches or steam ironing, the first hot side hot positive, otherwise there will be a" aurora"

4, shiny, brightly colored silk: luxurious fabrics, made of thin and soft, suitable for summer clothing, good hygroscopicity, cooler, and natural

It contains silk protein undergarment is beneficial in the skin health. Disadvantages are shrinking, easy to wrinkle, after washing and ironingclothes easy to fade, the storage required

Attention, washing with acidic detergent.

Knowledge: washing with special silk wool washing detergent, hanging in the shade drying, ironing temperature at 150 degrees c..

5, polyester:

(1) polyester fabric has higher strength and elastic recovery capacity. It is not only fast and durable, and straight wrinkle, after washing,ironing-free.

(2) polyester fabrics in smaller, in the use process, easy washing drying is very convenient. After the wet strength is not decreased, no deformation, can have a good wash and wear wearing characteristics.

(3) polyester fabric defects of permeability difference, wearing a sultry feeling easy to produce static electricity and dust contaminationresistance of Ming, melt is poorer, in the contact with ash, Mars is immediately formed holes. But the above deficiencies and cotton, wool,silk, hemp and viscose fiber blended fabric can get

To improve.

(4) polyester fabric has good abrasion resistance and thermal plasticity. So do garment pleat fold, conformal well washing knowledge:suitable for all kinds of washing agent, required patches or steam ironing, otherwise there will be a" mirror" or fabric softening temperature,in180--220 degrees C.

6: nylon, nylon with its excellent wear resistance and light quality good wearing performance competition in synthetic fiber cloth, since half century, still occupy an important position.

(1) nylon fabric abrasion resistance in various natural fiber and chemical fiber fabrics for the first time, similar products than cotton and viscose fabric is 10 times higher than pure wool fabric,20 times higher than the polyester fabric, is about 4 times higher. Its strength is very high, and the wet strength decreased minima. Therefore, polyamide fiber pure yarn and blended yarn

Material having good durability.

(2) in a synthetic fiber fabric of nylon fabric hygroscopicity good, so its comfort and dyeing of polyester fabric better than.

(3) nylon fabric material to light, use in the clothing to add a sense of light.

(4) nylon fabric elasticity and elastic recovery were excellent, but in small deformation under external force. Therefore, garment pleat pleatsetting is more difficult, wear process

Stress variable.

(5) nylon fabric heat and light resistance deviation, in the use of the process should pay attention to washing, ironing and use conditions, so as to avoid damage. Knowledge: suitable for all kinds of detergent, washing cloth or steam for ironing and washing ironing, not excessive force, temperature at 150--180 degrees C.

7, acrylic fiber:

(1) acrylic synthetic wool reputation, its elasticity and bulkiness and comparable to natural wool. Acrylic fabric not only straight wrinkle, andwarm. Insulation measurement results indicate, the acrylic fabric warmth retention property than the same kind of wool fabric in about 15\\\\\%.

(2) acrylic fabric fastness in various fibers of the first. In the sunlight exposure1 years of silk, nylon, rayon and wool fabrics have beendestroyed, and acrylic fabric strength decreased only about 20\\\\\%.

(3) acrylic fabric color, and the proper proportion of blended wool can improve the appearance of color and does not affect the feel.

(4) acrylic fiber fabric has better heat resistance, it is the synthetic second, and acid, oxidant, so the use of a wide range of.

(5) in a synthetic fabric, acrylic fabric lighter.

(6) acrylic fabric hygroscopicity poor, wearing a stuffy feeling, the comfort property is poor.

(7) acrylic fiber structure determines the wearability of the fabrics is not good, is in the chemical fiber fabric abrasion resistance of the worstproduct ( washing and maintenance methods like nylon).

8, viscose fiber

(1) the viscose fiber has excellent moisture absorption, permeability performance: comfortable, soft, drape, viscose fabric performance in thechemical fiber and the best, the wearing and dyeing than synthetic fabric.

(2) viscose fabric soft, bright color, superior to other chemical fiber fabrics, a magnificent feeling.

(3) the general viscose fabric hanging vertical resistance, stiffness, elasticity and wrinkle resistance is poor.

(4) polynosic fabric dry, wet strength than the ordinary viscose fabric high, stiff resistance is also good. Bright color of somewhat difference,generally in monochrome printing. (5) high wet modulus viscose fabric, soft, smooth surface, under wet condition of small deformation, goodwear resistance, washing resistance ability, alkali, cotton blended fabric can be treated mordenite.

(6) new environment-friendly Tencel cotton, washing and viscose fiber merit in a body, soft handle, good crease resistance, moisture permeability and strong, wearing comfortable. Tencel fiber foreign trade name

(7) in wood, cotton linter, reeds and other natural cellulose materials by chemical processing, and poor. Wash

Maintenance method similar to nylon.

9, spandex stretch fabric means containing ammonia fiber fabric, spandex ( due to DuPont Co production of spandex brand name Lycra )has very high bullet

, is a relatively expensive material. So the mix proportion of different fabric spandex, elastic size. Spandex stretch fabric with1\\\\\%

--45\\\\\% elastic range, can make the clothing shape curve and the wearing comfort of the com. Clothing, its appearance style, moisture absorption,

Permeability are close to various natural fiber products.

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