Denim Clothes

The grey fabric of the Denim Clothes produced by our company has been shrink-proofed and the shrinkage rate is smaller than that of the general fabric. They are easy to absorb moisture, absorb moisture, absorb sweat, have good breathability and are comfortable to wear. They are thick in texture, and the lines are clear and properly treated to prevent wrinkles, shrinkage and deformation.
The denim used in our products is mainly made of cotton. It also develops a variety of raw material structures, including cotton, wool, silk, hemp natural fiber blends, blends with chemical fibers, and elastic yarns and tight yarns. , fancy yarn, etc. as raw materials. Our products include men's and women's jeans, denim tops, denim skirts and more.
We are one of the best manufacturer and supplier of custom Denim Clothes in China. Goldjade has good reputation for its quality products and excellentd service. Welcome to buy our Denim Clothes from our factory.
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